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What Happens in Our Brains When We Read?

Reading and the brain

Reading is not natural, but for so many of us, the pieces fall into place and we do it automatically. Humans have evolved to read and it’s crucial to everyday life, but reading delay can happen to anyone.

Apart from being educational and informative, reading is one of the “healthiest” hobbies in the world. Research shows why. It:

Reduces stress
Can lower your heart rate and blood …


For Struggling Readers Change Is Possible

Reading, struggling readers, gemm learning

At some point in your day you will probably brush your teeth, button clothing, make a call, or walk, ride or drive to another location. Will you stop to think about the steps needed to carry out each task beforehand or is it just something you do? Maybe you’ll take a shower, read or type information on an electronic device, or look both ways before crossing the street. You might even go swimmi…


Stress-Free Reading for the Summer

Read aloud, stress-free reading, gemm learning

How can we encourage stress-free reading? Parents of frustrated learners often share with us that their children dislike reading and avoid doing so when not required. These students can put in tremendous effort, in and outside of the classroom, aimed at improving and achieving their goals, without seeing the desired results. Wanting to focus more on less stressful activities that are more likely…


Understanding Language Processing Disorders

Language processing disorders, Gemm Learning

Language processing disorders impact the way an individual receives or delivers information. Whether it’s difficulty understanding what’s been said and/or communicating thoughts and ideas, the end result is the same. The message is unclear. This lack of clarity can lead to social and academic challenges that impact development. As with all learning issues, early identification and intervention…


Reading Challenges Can Hinder Math Achievement

math and reading, Gemm Learning, math achievement

In talking with people about learning challenges, especially regarding younger students, I often hear that an individual is struggling in reading, but doing fine or excelling in math. We all have our strengths and challenges and subjects that capture our interest more than others. But reading difficulties will likely impact all academic content eventually, including math.

Although few formal st…


Dyslexia and Common Misconceptions

Gemm Learning, Common Misconceptions, Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the most common language-based learning disability. However, it is frequently misunderstood. The term is often referenced beside descriptions of letter reversals and reading difficulty. But reversals are an unreliable indicator, challenges occur in varying degrees, and writing and speech are just as likely to be impacted. Dyslexia is characterized by a deficit in phonological awareness…