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New Study Confirms Dyslexia Is A Language Problem

Speech Recognition Study

Children-with-CAPD1A new study published in the Science Journal confirmed that in addition to reading difficulties children with dyslexia also have a harder time differentiating between voices.  Their dexterity in processing language and sounds lags that of proficient readers.

This finding is another confirmation that dyslexia is a language issue, or more accurately a language processing issue.

Dyslexia is thought to affect 8 percent to 15 percent of Americans. It’s not a problem with intelligence or vision. Instead, it’s language-based. The brain struggles with what’s called “phonological processing” – being able to distinguish and manipulate sounds, like “bah” and “pah,” that eventually have to be linked to written letters and words.

Here is a link to a report on the study: Science Daily Report