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Reward Based on Process, Not Results

Time Magazine’s April 8th cover story details findings of a Harvard study utilizing uBoost’s rewards platform in K-8 schools in NYC, Washington DC and Chicago. It was no surprise that the researchers found that rewarding behaviors that lead to learning gains was much more impactful than simply rewarding the desired outcome.

In other words, recognition of daily incremental achievement leads to far greater gains than paying a student for final grades.

Relevant recognition of positive behaviors such as compliance and effort (on the way to good outcomes) has always been a hallmark of Gemm’s learning and reading  programs

Education Secretary Duncan was a big supporter of this study when he was the Chicago Superintendent.  As evidenced by Race To The Top and the Teacher Incentive Fund, the current administration believes that schools, teachers and students will succeed more frequently in an atmosphere of reward rather than punishment.

Here is the article link:  http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1978589,00.html