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Gemm Learning Offers BrainWare Safari

A New Cognitive Workout

Gemm Learning was an early adopter of Brainware Safari in 2006. However, the program’s monitoring and analytical tools weren’t quite ready to match our customer service needs. Those issues have been resolved and we are thrilled to offer this amazing program with the same Program Manager guidance that we are able to offer our Fast ForWord students. As always, with any Gemm program, our service to our students is our first priority.

Brainware Safari utilizes cognitive loading to help the brain use its subconscious to automate the learning process. It also utilizes sensory integration to build processing, memory and thinking skills. Students can begin using this program as early as age 6. Early trials show an incredible 4 years of cognitive gains in just 12 weeks over a wide range of academic levels.

We look forward to reporting our Brainware Safari success stories in the coming months. You can follow our results here or on our Facebook page by becoming a fan of Gemm Learning.