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Research Briefing on the New, Shorter Protocol

A new 3-day a week, 30 minute a day protocol was added to Fast ForWord software last month.  This makes the program much more accessible for busy families and for children who struggle with the rigor of the 5 day a week routine.

Scientific Learning, the founders of Fast ForWord software, are nothing if not thorough and dedicated to sound science and positive outcomes for their students.  And so this decision to add a reduced time protocol was not taken lightly and not done without research.

And so, to support the efficacy the 3 day Fast ForWord protocol Scientific Learning has just published a research briefing.  The briefing shows substantial gains in just 3-4 months.

This shorter 3 day protocol for Fast ForWord is recommended for struggling readers and learners only.  For children with a more severe learning diagnosis, including dyslexia and auditory processing disorder, we will continue to recommend a 5 day routine.