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6 Steps to Explaining Fast ForWord to Kids

Written By Geoff Nixon . October 18, 2013

So your child has trouble reading or learning because of a learning challenge. You’re ready to try a new program, but he’s probably frustrated with educational activities by now. Whether he has dyslexia, auditory processing disorder (APD), autism, or another learning difficulty, how do you introduce – and get him to enjoy – a helpful tool?

You might not see an overnight transformation, but with the right attitude, you can motivate your child to love learning. Follow these six ways of explaining Fast ForWord to your child:

  1. As in any household, it’s essential that as a parent, you show that you value and enjoy education. We look forward to learning, we gain something from it, and we want our children to have the same experience – despite unpleasant memories and frustrations. Lead by example by reading, introducing new ideas, encouraging discussion, and sharing activities with your child.
  2. Understand your child’s feelings about learning. Before introducing a new program, he needs to know that you are doing what’s best for him. By asking him to share his feelings about learning with you, you demonstrate that you want to understand and help with his struggle.
  3. Introduce Fast ForWord as a tool for learning, not a solution to the problem. Your child should not feel that she needs to fix the burden or problem of having a learning disability. Instead, she learns in a way that requires specific techniques.
  4. Explain goals, but don’t pressure your child. She needs something to work towards, but going through the Fast ForWord program should be no less fun than other activities. It can be an enjoyable experience that reaps benefits.
  5. Participate, but empower your child’s independence. When your child feels trusted to achieve goals, he will be more motivated to do so. Show that you’re available for help, but let him take ownership for his learning.
  6. Reward effort rather than achievement. Your child has struggled with learning in the past, and it will be easy for her to become discouraged. Understand the energy she puts into learning, and reward her for it. This will avoid making her feel that she has to fix something about herself to be successful.

Do you have more tips for introducing kids to new learning programs like the Fast ForWord software? We’d love to hear, so share in the comments.

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