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Latest Recommendation Is Inspiring

We are always amazed by the wonderful  Fast ForWord reviews  we hear from our families.  Recently we spoke to a mom who shared how our Fast ForWord software helped her daughter.  We asked her to share her thoughts with you.  This is what she wrote:

“There is no doubt that all children are expected to go to school, however not all children are equally capable of learning in the same way. Many children struggle with their coursework, not because they can’t understand the material, but because they have trouble staying focused. Focused concentration is a learned behavior that comes easier to some children than others, however it does not imply a lack of intelligence or competence on the child’s part. It simply demonstrates that children’s needs are different, and thus the ways to cater for their needs must be equally diverse and helpful.

Gemm’s involvement with my child has been truly wondrous and it has reaped impressive results. They have not only helped my child improve academically, but they’ve also helped her find the self confidence she needs to perform better on all levels. Because of Gemm’s dedication to excellence, their unwavering support and willingness to help students achieve, and their patience and understanding of each child’s condition, they have made a drastic difference in my child’s attitude towards learning and helped her find pride in her accomplishments.

Gemm Learning approach their tasks with a sense of challenge rather than routine, and they take the child’s curve balls and turn them into fun. When my child faced some challenges at first and found it difficult to stay focused, they were there to assist her and give her the courage she needs to keep going.

Like any commendable educator, they possess the dexterity to see the child through all the way. They encompassed every aspect of my child’s learning needs, from focusing, to effective listening, to reading and spelling with confidence.

Their dedication to my child’s improvement has been truly inspiring. Thank you, Gemm Learning, for a job skillfully and admirably done.”

This student worked on Fast ForWord Language and then programs in Fast ForWord Reading.