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Nevada DOE Calls Fast ForWord “High Gain”

Geoff Nixon

By Geoff Nixon

Results of State Pilot of Fast ForWord and Other Reading Programs

Here is a quick clip about the two-year Nevada reading program study.

Nevada Reading Program Study (video presentation)

A 2010 Interim Report completed by the Colorado-based Leadership and Learning Center and sponsored by the Nevada Department of Education concluded that the Fast ForWord program increased student reading achievement by an average of 22.2 percentage points.

Fast ForWord products were named a “High-Gain Program.”Fast ForWord software was rated highest out of 22 reading programs tested.  This is a very strong finding as typically the most dramatic gains for Fast ForWord come in the year or so after program completion — as a cognitive program, it’s main goal is create a better foundation upon which reading skills can be built.  So the comparison that was made pre and post test did not mesh with the timeframe where Fast ForWord students typically see the best gains.

It was interesting to note that Earobics did very poorly in this test.  Earobics is a simple, shrink-wrapped software that holds itself out to be a much cheaper alternative to Fast ForWord.  While Fast ForWord showed the highest gain, Earobics came in with “no gain” and ranked bottom with 3-4 other programs.

Fast ForWord is the primary software in our reading program.

For more information, please see: Nevada Department of Education: Fast ForWord is a “High-Gain Program” Nevada Briefing

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