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Norman Doidge the author of “The Brain that Changes Itself” has written about Mike Merzenich one of the creators of the Fast ForWord family of programs in one of the chapters.

On his website www.normandoidge.com this is what he has to say about Fast ForWord software.

“A reading disorder, caused by an auditory processing problem….. If it is a learning disorder based on auditory processing, Scientific Learning  has a program that has been tested and shown excellent results, with hundreds of thousands of people.

This is the Fast ForWord program Dr. Doidge described in chapter 3. Developed by world leaders in neuroplasticity, the program can be ordered and done on one’s computer at home. It is quite fast, if you have the brain problem it treats, and you can do it at home.”

Gemm Learning uses Fast ForWord very successfully to help students to improve their learning skills. The home based programs have helped students with autism, aspergers, dyslexia, dyspraxia and other learning difficulties to process information more accurately and quicker.  It has helped them to pay attention, remember better and follow instructions more easily. See www.gemmlearning.com for more details. 

Thanks to our friends at Neuron Learning for alerting us to this Norman Doidge post.