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One-time cognitive software that gets at the source of the issue

brain programIn every aspect of life, the fastest and most effective way to deal with a problem is to treat the underlying cause of the difficulty. If you have a flat tire, you don’t just pump air in every day or so, you patch the leak.

And yet, in education, pumping air is exactly what happens.

What Is Not Understood About Brain Fitness

Despite the onslaught of information these days about the amazing capabilities of the brain, what is not generally understood is that there is a way to “patch the leak.”

The “fix” is to use a brain program, lead by Fast ForWord. These programs do exist, and they tackle the underlying cognitive glitches that make learning difficult.
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Tutoring Works Around The Problem & Takes Years

The alternative to using a brain program to treat the underlying cause of a learning issue is instruction, lots and lots of extra instruction.

This “work around” approach is tutoring after school and/or smaller class sizes in school.  Remediation, in most case, takes years, and involves gargantuan effort from the student, teachers and parents. It is akin to pumping air, rather than addressing the source of the leak.

Fast ForWord Treats Causes & Takes Weeks

A brain program, like Fast ForWord, by contrast, is typically a 3-6 month, one time effort.  Effective cognitive training that does “fix” the underlying issue can short circuit years of tutoring and extra effort, and along the way, restore confidence and a love of learning often lost in a long remediation process.

For instance, if a cognitive brain based intervention is able to improve processing speed so that a student has improved phonological awareness, reading will come much more naturally in just a few weeks, following the development track of a normal reader.

Alternatively, if it can improve working memory, so that a child can retain what he/she is reading, this represents a quantum, almost immediate, leap in reading comprehension skill.

Gemm Learning Success

To be fair, with the tidal wave of new information about brain programs and brain plasticity that is coming out of the neuroscience community, treating the cause of learning difficulties is now gaining some traction, in the classroom and after school.

Gemm Learning uses Fast ForWord, a brain fitness program that lives up to its billing for reading and for learning.

While it is not a “fix” in every case, results tend to come quickly and outcomes are much more consistent and stronger than you might think.  While “success” differs for each case, one measure of our success is our 96% satisfaction rate — 96% of clients say they would recommend us to others.

Because cognitive software works on fundamental, underlying issues that impact learning and behaviors in many different ways, we are able to help a wide variety of students.