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One of the best uses of our program, Fast ForWord, is reinforcing or teaching the sounds of English.  In fact, in Asia, this is how Fast ForWord is used, to help English language learners

This child was born in Russia, and so heard Russian, not English in the first three years of life, when language and learning skills are developed.  Not surprisingly he has had auditory processing difficulties, eroding confidence and reading comprehension problems.

That was before his mother found Gemm Learning.  Here is an update:

“It’s like  something all of a sudden is clicking that hadn’t been clicking before.  He is doing his homework without a fight, and is taking the initiative to do things on his own.   And he just read Curious George Flies a Kite to me.    He read it all on his own and was able to tell me about the story afterwards, which is something he’s never been able to do.  

I can’t believe how much he’s grown since doing the program.  Before Gemm, he couldn’t comprehend even a paragraph and he was resistant to reading.  Now he is a willing reader and he is getting what he is reading.  It’s tremendous.”

Marianne J., parent of adopted 4th grader