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Adult Learner Sees Gains Socially and In Grades

Improving Learning Efficiency

This 21 year old college student came to Gemm Learning to help improve her working memory, to keep up better in lectures and to improve her grades.  The gains she has seen from Fast ForWord have far out performed her initial goals — she is a happier person, performing now at her potential.  Here is an email from her mother:

“I am the mother of an adult learner (21yo) noticed not only improvement in her grades, also in her overall behavior and interactions…

Her grades had started slipping, she was spending an enormous amount of time studying and not performing well in the test situations… This program has helped her be much more organized. She is noticing improvement in following the lectures (example: one of her favorite professors has a heavy accent, she could not understand half of his lectures in the past, now she is even getting his little jokes ). In family relations – she used to be very short fused, would snap back without being provoked, now she seems to be much more calm, and reasonable, real pleasure to have around once again. We used blame it on “hormones” like everyone else, we were wrong.

Overall I have been recommending this program to many of my friends and patients. I am so glad we did this for our daughter! My husband is an IT engineer, not really understanding the concepts of brain plasticity, was very skeptical about it – now he is reading more about this and is a converted man! THANK YOU.”

D.S., Mother of 21 year old