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This email came in this week regarding an adopted child suspected to have auditory processing disorder.  He has been working on Fast ForWord for three months.

“These are the changes I am seeing. He is now attentive to a teacher that is speaking to the entire class from the front of the room. He usually needed a personal invitation 🙂 to listen.

I had to stop his reading curriculum in the middle of his fourth grade year because he no longer comprehended anything he read. It was like he hit a wall. I can now give him anything on the fifth grade reading level and his comprehension is amazing!!!  He always used to read graphic novels.

He just read “A Wrinkle in Time” and got an “A” on the comprehension test. He is thoroughly enjoying novels now and he can always answer the comprehension questions. The fact that he has the stamina for sitting and reading for hours is amazing! This is such a dramatic change!

He learns his spelling words more quickly now. Spelling had always been a weakness for him. I am very happy with his progress! Thank you.”

Noreen F., parent of 3rd grader