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This 2nd grader uses our home school program.  He was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and was having hard time following directions, confidence was eroding and reading was a struggle. This email was a response to a note we send out every now and again asking if the client is seeing changes.

“We ARE starting to see changes.  He is not as frustrated while reading.  It’s still slow, and still sounding things out – but has more confidence to even try. 

I have noticed a difference in his PERSONAL confidence in every day life.  I had spoken to a Sunday School teacher about his newly discovered auditory processing disorder and our plan of action and HE mentioned to me that he interacts with the other boys differently.  Not sitting by himself and being withdrawn. (Which I didn’t even know he was doing – about made me CRY!)  So – YES we are noticing differences.”

Jennifer J., parent of 3rd grader

The child is more confident in social situations because he is able to process more comfortably and efficiently, i.e., he is more sure of what is being said and he has capacity to think and respond in the flow of natural conversation.  Previously, his brain overloaded just with trying to keep up but our auditory processing treatment changed that. 

Like I said, this is a great job!!