Fast ForWord software is a fabulous  English language learner program.   It helps students who were born hearing a different language or where English is not their mother language hear the very similar consonants and blends not only with accuracy but also with automaticity.

This feedback came in from a client today.  Here child is an English Language Learner.

“On her report card at school in November, she had top marks for reading comprehension, including recall and inferences questions. I notice less confusion with “b-d-p, etc” while she’s reading and she self corrects herself when she reverses them in writing (which is a lot less often than before)….  Her pronunciation in English is getting better and her confidence about using full sentences to speak in English is still improving. I find that her memory for day to day activities is sharper (She puts my baby brain to the test I tell you!)”

Learning software like Fast ForWord has a unique opportunity to train students where English is their second language in the sounds of English.