We had a mother tell us today that her child had made more progress in the two months on our learning programs than in five years of special ed!  Here’s the full quote:

“(She) has been doing Fast ForWord for about 2 months now.  We have seen a big difference in areas of memory, fluency in language, and confidence.  She started the 6th grade this past week and she was confident enough to go to school, no fighting, no crying, no worries. 

We are amazed at the difference in (her) and are so thankful for stumbling upon the Gemm website in our search for help for (her).  Today is Saturday and (she) is begging to do the program today.  We told her she could do the demos and her response, “no fair, I want to do my work!”  This is coming from the child who would fight us on everything, always. 

She is gaining so much, more in 2 months than 5 years in special education classes. Thank you.”

This student worked on our cognitive auditory processing treatment, Fast ForWord software.