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Gemm Learning Success Story In Many Subjects

Helping English, French and Math!

This parent feedback just came in.  This student started with us over summer, 2010.  She came to us with auditory processing difficulties that were undermining her confidence and learning skills.

“I wanted to fill you in on her progress in school.  A couple of weeks ago, she got a progress report card with marked improvement in English, Math and French.  This week, she wrote a story in English class-she said hers was the longest -19 pages (not full ones of course, but still).   Her teacher edited her work and there were not many mistakes in it.

Today, she came home with French work that she got an A on.  Her French teacher is very impressed with her progress.  She is no longer sent for extra help (all weak students automatically are) in English and in French.  She says she understands things much better in Math.

Also, she comes home and works independently for a couple of months now whereas before I would have to spend at least 2 hours doing the work with her.  I have hesitated acknowledging these changes because I have been afraid that I am misassessing and getting my hopes up for nothing, but it really seems to be that FastForward [sic] is really helping her.

Thank you so much for your continued support and for providing us with such an invaluable tool for our child.”

Parent of 4th grader, Helen D.

Our online math intervention helps by dealing bottom-up with the cognitive impediments to numeracy and math progress, and for the top down by providing self-paced math curriculum.