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We have been overwhelmed with client testimonials lately.  Here are a few cut and pasted from client emails (with student names removed):

“Good news is that after many years she picked up and read a whole book.  She read Black Beauty.  Even if it’s a children’s classical, it was great to see her take the initiative and time to read at her own will.  She has picked up a second book, The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, a book for middle schoolers.” (18 year old who did our adult dyslexia program)

““She is doing great in school,  the program has made all the difference, she has gone from 70’s to 90’s,  thank you.” (6th grader with auditory processing disorder)

 “Her teacher today said that her reading is really taking off 🙂 In January she read 117 wpm and now is at 150 wpm.” (6th grader)

“He’s using his language more and trying to engage in conversation more.” (5 year old doing our autism program)

 ” His teacher asked his mom what they’ve been doing because he’s starting to participate in school more and his listening skills have improved dramatically.” (3rd grader)

“I can’t believe how much he’s grown since doing the program.  Before Gemm, he couldn’t comprehend even a paragraph.  He also isn’t resistant to reading to me anymore. So tremendous.” (4th grader)