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Gemm Learning Success Story

We received this email recently, regarding a 15 year old Gemm Learning student diagnosed with auditory processing disorder.   Early on we heard reports that he was able to listen and process more accurately, no more “huh” or “say that again.”   Then, a month later we heard that Connor himself was seeing changes, classes seemed easier to follow and the school work was more manageable.  Then we received this email:

“Hello! It’s been awhile but I thought you might want to know how Connor performed in his CAP retest done during the Spring of last year… The biggest improvement was in his working memory. On the first number repeat test Connor rarely could give 3 of 6 of any sequence given. In the second testing situation he did significantly better in recall and in the order of the numbers given.

Since the testing was done and since his last month with Gemm Learning, we have seen improvement with Connor’s spelling, reading fluency and everyday hearing. He says it has been easier to be with a group of kids and ” know what’s going on.”  Overall, we are very pleased with his results.”

Working memory is helped by our learning software with a variety of exercises that build skills in a different ways.  One works on more efficient capturing of information (more accuracy, and more capacity for putting information in context which in itself improves retention), one works on extending how long information can be held, while others helps students retain information despite escalating distractions.  Learn more about our working memory program here.