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Two More Gemm Learning Testimonials

We hope you are not tired of reading these.  We certainly aren’t.  It is what makes this such a great place to be working at.  For some background, the first child had reading difficulties, the second was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder.

“For the first time ever, she got a high score on her standardized testing. Her principal even called me to congratulate me on her achievement and told me how proud they are of her at school. I raved to him about your program.” (4th grader)

“Your program was an integral part of her recovering, which is now at about 99%… Academically, her score for reading comprehension and Language Arts was 96% and 93% for the first trimester, and 96% and 97% for the second trimester. Her Math, Science and Social Studies scores were of the same order.

 In music, … she just participated in a local regional music festival and got the highest score possible of superior for the four pieces she played at the late elementary level even though she is in the first grade.  She  is doing great.  She is performing at the highest level in everything she does.  Thanks for all your help.”