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This 9th grader was having difficulties in reading, accurate listening and discomfort in group conversation related to his auditory processing disorder diagnosis.  Our main goal was to improve reading comprehension, by making decoding more automatic and strengthening working memory. Here’s is what his mother sent to us recently:

“It’s been awhile but I thought you might want to know how he performed in his CAP retest done during the Spring of last year… The biggest improvement was in his working memory. On the first number repeat test he rarely could give 3 of 6 of any sequence given. In the second testing situation he did significantly better in recall and in the order of the numbers given.

Since the testing was done and since his last months with Gemm Learning, we have seen improvement with his spelling, reading fluency and everyday hearing. He says it has been easier to be with a group of kids and ” know whats going on”. Overall, we are very pleased with his results.”