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Our Spring 2014 Dyslexia Scholarship

Written By Geoff Nixon . December 5, 2013

Announcing the Spring 2014 winner of our $1000 scholarship: Melissa Shoff. Congratulations, Melissa, and thank you for sharing your experiences of overcoming dyslexia!

This season, students have inspired us with their stories of overcoming the obstacles caused by dyslexia. Our Spring 2014 essay contest entrants not only perform well in school but also manage to thrive academically, fostering a love of learning. This is what Gemm Learning is all about.

You might know that dyslexia is more than simply confusing and inverting alphabetical letters. Students face the following issues:

  • Difficulty reading, writing and spelling
  • The struggle to keep up in school despite their potentially higher than average IQs
  • Receiving an accurate diagnosis and searching for proper, customized accommodations

Our scholarship essay contest was established to empower students to pursue academic and personal goals by overcoming the difficulties of dyslexia. If you want to enter for the Fall 2014 Dyslexia Scholarship, consider these four important insights:

  1. Dyslexia allows students to get in touch with their strengths as well as their weaknesses. They often compensate for weaknesses by working diligently, maybe even two to three times more so than students without learning disabilities. They find and utilize the learning styles that work best for them.
  2. Having dyslexia can lead to the development of strong problem-solving skills.
  3. Perseverance is key. Don’t give up. Kids with dyslexia can, and do, excel academically every day.
  4. People face a unique set of challenges every day. Dyslexia happens to be one of those challenges for some students. Just like any other challenge, it doesn’t have to stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Entries for the $1000 Fall 2014 Dyslexia Scholarship Award are due on June 30th, 2014. We look forward to reading your story!

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