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Knowledge Is Power

The abundance of challenges facing learners of all ages can be overwhelming. We know so much today about learning styles, medical, physical, and emotional concerns that can impact success. Family history, birth weight or trauma, repeated ear infections, injury, diet, vision or hearing impairment, and focus are just a small sampling of these factors. Consequently, we recognize that showing up, paying attention, and participating, does not guarantee one will recall, know, or apply the information and skills covered.

Learning issues don’t reflect intellectual ability or discriminate. Hence, they are present in people of all ages, socioeconomic groups, experiences, and backgrounds. Research advancements continually inspire new understanding and methods. As parents and educators, we try to sift through these alternatives and evaluate their potential. However, no one approach is right for every student, and individuals often have multiple challenges that need to be addressed.

Educational Webinars

At Gemm Learning, one of our goals is to help families navigate these challenges by being a reliable resource for relevant information. With this in mind, we are now offering educational webinars, hosted by experienced professionals, on a range of topics that may be of interest. We will host several webinars each month. Participants only need register in advance, and click on the subsequent link provided at the designated start time. Those in attendance are encouraged to submit related questions during a presentation, as our presenters have all set aside time afterwards to respond. Any interested individuals, who are unable to attend, will be able to view a recording on our website shortly after its conclusion.

Our Recent Presentations

Our most recent presenters included a speech and language pathologist and audiologist, a functional medicine nutritionist, an education specialist from a  company that offers cognitive assessments, and a seasoned educator. Topics covered include:

  • Reducing homework stress
  • Building Confidence in a Struggling Learner
  • Sugar’s Impact on the Brain and Learning
  • Fast ForWord and Temporal Auditory Processing

Upcoming Presentations

While new webinars are continually being scheduled, upcoming subject matter includes:

You can register for upcoming webinars here. Also, if there is a topic you would like to see covered, please leave a comment below or email us at info@gemmlearning.com. While we can’t cover every relevant educational topic, we hope share information that makes a difference in your child’s life.         .