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Homeschool Funding Ideas

Written By Geoff Nixon . August 31, 2022

Locate Funding to Help with Homeschool Costs

Gemm Learning provides self-paced software used by many homeschool families to help overcome reading and learning difficulties, including auditory processing issues and dyslexia.  While our intervention program is more affordable than most, it does involve active educator oversight and support, so it is not inexpensive.

So what are the options for homeschool parents who want access to quality resources such as online reading programs?  What homeschool funding is available? Start exploring your choices below.

  1. The first stop should be your school district. Many school districts have funding available to pay for the learning materials needed by homeschool parents, and this may extend to software like Fast ForWord. At the very least, you may be able to get access to a laptop that allows you to use the  Fast ForWord program. Local schools may also offer grant money for learning interventions like the Gemm Learning program, especially if you have a confirmed diagnosis that would qualify for an IEP or extra support if the child were in school.
  2. A few states now have state scholarship programs to help fund homeschooling and after-school help.  This includes Florida’s FES, Indiana ESA and Arizona’s ESA.  Gemm Learning is an approved provider.
  3. Try local, education-related groups such as education foundations, civics groups, church outreach committees, junior league organizations — a whole host of groups that are always looking for ways to support community members. If you write an email to a member of each of these groups, telling your story, and explain what you are looking for — be bold — you may be surprised at the response.
  4. Homeschooling groups, especially larger groups, can be helpful. If you belong to a smaller group, make a request to larger foundations of groups through that smaller entity. While many funding organizations or grant-giving groups may hesitate to give to individuals, they may be more giving when a home-school groups asks for funding.

In addition, here are links to  a couple of national groups known to make a large number of scholarship donations every year:

The Scholarship Fund
Homeschool Foundation

These are difficult times, and finding funding is increasingly a challenge for homeschooling parents.  If you have any ideas not mentioned in this note, please let us know in the comments below.


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