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Inspirational message from new dyslexic Governor

Interesting to note that the new Governor of Connecticut was diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age but his mother refused to accept that his future was limited. although she did not seek dyslexia help.  He spoke about his ability to overcome this learning disability:

“My parents both worked very hard while raising eight children. But my mother, who was a nurse, knew I was different,” Malloy told his audience of 2,600 at the Gov. William A. O’Neill Armory in Hartford. “She knew I had learning disabilities, but she never let those challenges overshadow my strengths. She never gave up on me. And in doing so, she taught me to never give up: to press on, to recognize challenges, but focus on strengths and  possibilities.”

He did physical therapy to help learn to hold a pen and write, but there were no dyslexia programs  at that time to help with reading and so he still has dyslexia. He had to learn compensating techniques and other strategies for absorbing the written word.

Here is an article about the Governor and his inspirational story.