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Parent Smart Blog On Brain-Building Opportunities

Our friends at Neuron Learning mentioned a new blog Dr. Martha Burns about building healthy brains in children, called Parent Smart, ” a resource to help parents prepare their children for success in school and life.”

 As the Neuron folks say:

Her blog is for and about you and your children. It is designed to help you raise successful children without hovering or creating pressure on yourself or your children to “do well”.   She explains how you can easily apply new research on how the brain learns to your daily routines with your children.  The latest posts cover making the most of reading time at night.

But, to get started, the most important fact for you to understand is that children are not “born” smart. The brain of your child is building itself every time your child moves, plays with toys, or listens to people talk. A child’s brain is a learning machine from the second the baby is born.

Martha Burns is a Speech-Language Pathologist, a Fellow of the American Speech Language Hearing Association, currently serving as a Director at the neuroscience company, Scientific Learning Corporation that developed Fast ForWord.  She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Northwestern University where she currently teaches courses in Traumatic Brain Injury and Right Hemisphere Dysfunction. She lectures around the world on neuroscience applications in education and clinical intervention for children and adults with communication/cognitive disorders.

To see the blog please click here