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Progress on Autism Interventions

Here is a touching bog, a wonderful glimpse into the life of a parent bringing up an autistic child.  It recounts a day at the Yankees and how different the experience was for father and autistic son compared to the father’s first time to the Yankees with his father.

It is frustrating to learning services like ours to read stories like this. We know our core autism programs based on Fast ForWord, is not a “cure” for autism but it does show what is possible.  Fast ForWord is able to improve the processing aspects of learning in often dramatic ways, showing that the brain has much more in common with a muscle than it does with a hard-wired computer — it is an inspiration to researchers around the world that learning rewiring is possible. 

In years to come the hope is that more Fast ForWord-like treatments will become available addressing the various different aspects of learning, eventually adding up to a comprehensive intervention that should be able to repair most of the learning gaps associated with autism or PDD-NOS.

Here is the blog post: