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Interesting developments as co-chair attempts to ignore the science.  At least it shows us that brain science is starting to have real credibility.

Co-Chairs of NFL’s Head Injury Committee Resign :

The next step of course is figuring out how to turn this better understanding of the damage done into a practical solution.

In many cases the neural connections and other damage caused from brain injury can be repaired.  The book, the Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge has many stories of restoration of brain injury.

Gemm Learning has several similar experiences.  We have provided what we considered to be somewhat speculative work  — and so we did not charge — using Fast ForWord software with a 22- year old who was pronounced brain dead at one time after contracting meningitis, another who suffered brain injury from a  car crash and a seven year old boy suffering from chemobrain.   All three showed spectacular gains from our program.