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Working Memory and IQ Linked … Again

Working memory and IQ linked
The LA Times wrote an article this month about a 2008 study about how working memory and IQ are linked. In particular the study is about the causal relationship, where working memory  impacts fluid intelligence, problem solving ability,  conducted by the University of Michigan.

More and more studies are identifying working memory as not only a cognitive skill necessary for learning, but also, because of the importance of being to hold and manipulate ideas and facts in the mind at one time, an important influence on  IQ.

Because working memory skills can be exercised and improved, there is growing excitement about what may be possible with the right cognitive exercises.   This powerful potential of programs that improve working memory is leading to more and more research effort going into this area.

The University if Michigan study found that, as with most cognitive software, the gains stuck.  Once learned, new cognitive skills tend to integrate and are then used all day in normal thinking, learning, reading and language.

The largest gains came in remedial cases, where there was a working memory deficit versus age adjust norms.  Students with already sound working memory skills saw only marginal fluid intelligence gains.

Here is a link to the LA Times article:  http://networkedblogs.com/jpxJJ