How Auditory Processing Difficulties Affect Children with Autism

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As a parent of a child or children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you may have noticed that around preschool age or even earlier, they’d cover their ears even when you didn’t think there was that much noise about. Maybe they hummed around people talking or other noises, or that those situations made them seem distressed. Perhaps they’ve not moved when you asked them to do something, …


What Happens in Our Brains When We Read?

Reading and the brain

Reading is not natural, but for so many of us, the pieces fall into place and we do it automatically. Humans have evolved to read and it’s crucial to everyday life, but reading delay can happen to anyone.

Apart from being educational and informative, reading is one of the “healthiest” hobbies in the world. Research shows why. It:

Reduces stress
Can lower your heart rate and blood …


What To Do When You’re Struggling With Numeracy Skills

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Almost one in 10 adults in the US struggle with basic math beyond third grade – that’s 36 million people – according to ProLiteracy, the world’s largest adult literacy and basic education membership advocacy organization.

Those one in 10 people struggle to read a train or bus timetable, create and follow a budget, or manage their credit card and much, much more. At work, they’ll be …


The different types – presentations – of ADHD explained

ADHD Treatment Gemm Learning

You may have a hunch that your child or even you tick the box for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A diagnosis impacts those affected in their everyday life, often leading to communications problems.

A counselor of the Today Parent Team, Susie Garlick, says: “Our ADHD children are not horrible, undisciplined or unruly children, we have just created a world that no longer allow…


Get A Step Ahead With Your Upcoming Parent-Teacher Meeting

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With the new school year in full swing, chances are you’re tee-ing up a parent-teacher meeting sometime soon. Here’s how to make the most out of the conference so your child is on the right track for a successful academic year.

Your child may already have an individualized education program (IEP), which would have been developed through a team effort and needs to be reviewed regularly. If t…


Evaluating Homework

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At this point in the school year, you are probably well into a homework routine with your child. That makes this the perfect time to evaluate that time, its challenges and successes, and whether or not a change is needed.

There are a number of studies and differing views about the effectiveness of homework, especially in early grades. For younger students, it can help develop important study ha…