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Choose Learning Acceleration Over the Summer Slide

Geoff Nixon

By Geoff Nixon

Make This the Summer That Changed Everything For Your Child

Rather than fight your child over reading this summer, do something about it. Our program is 30 minutes a day, it can be done anywhere at any time and it tackles the underlying skill gaps holding your child back.

If your child had a tough school year, chances are you did too.  Struggling in class, frustration with reading, too much time over homework – all exhausting for your child and often for the whole family. The school year is exhausting.  We get that. It can be too busy to take on extra programs like ours.

Actually for many families, summer is no better as battles over reading turn into very little reading is done and your child loses ground.

However, summer is a chance to turn lemons into lemonade. If instead of battling your child over reading, you redirect your child to our summer reading program, which has a computer game feel by the way.  Our goal is to accelerate your child’s rate of learning and/or make reading easier. This not only impacts the school experience, but also boosts confidence, self-esteem and a general sense of well-being – for the next school year and for a lifetime.

There are no guarantees, but the rewards can be profound – for your child and for those that worry about her.

Summer Is Ideal For Gemm Learning

During summer, your child has no homework, is not exhausted by the days in class and has the time.

Plus, our program is summer friendly.  It’s only 30 minutes a day online with a computer game feel – and if need be, it can be broken into smaller segments to fit in.  It works at home. on vacation, anywhere at any time.

Not surprisingly, summer is our busiest time as many families take advantage of their child’s break from school. Yes, it does cut into summer fun, but it has the profound potential of making the next school year fun, to make learning less frustrating.   At the very least, our summer reading program will help prevent the dreaded “summer slide.”

Summer Slide Stats

The summer reading slide is real. Studies show that for the 60-70% of children who don’t love reading (and so don’t do much of it over summer), it takes them until the end of October to get back to where they were in June. That’s almost a third of a year lost, every year.

Meanwhile, the 30-40% who love reading read regularly over summer.  Typically they pick up in September at or above where they left off.  It’s this summer progress gap between good and struggling readers that explains why special education effectiveness stats overall are so disappointing.

Summer Ideas for Persuadable Readers

If your child is a reluctant reader, but not resistant, it could well be that there is an underlying cognitive skill gap holding reading back – more on what’s being most common reading problems here.  In which case, our reading help would most likely be beneficial.

However, it’s also possible your child just needs more time, more practice, to make reading more automatic. If it’s automatic, it’s easier and therefore more enjoyable. And so a virtuous cycle starts – reading is easy, I enjoy it and want to read more, and so I become a better and better reader.

Whatever you do, if she is willing, it’s important to keep your child reading over summer.  Here are some ideas:

  • Choose just right books.  It is key to choose books that are not too hard as to defeat, and not too easy so as to be boring. Use the free Accelerated Reader Bookfinder service to check the grade level difficulty of the book.  Just right books are in the so-called zone of proximal development.
  • Look for a library reading club that uses Accelerated Reader. This program quizzes children after they have read a book and gives them points based on the book’s length and difficulty.
  • Try non-fiction – here are some ideas.
  • Try activities that include reading like cooking with a written recipe or a scavenger hunt.

Invest time on book selection. The summer will go much better if your child is reading just right books on subjects he cares about.  And if summer goes well, and you are not pestering your child to read, there should not be a summer reading slide.

Summer Reading Program For Resistant Readers

If your child is resisting reading, you need a different approach.

Don’t fight your child over reading this summer. It is so important for your child not to develop an emotional negative connection to reading. The long term goal is a lifelong love of reading.

Remember, your child generally wants to please and seeks your approval.  And so if there is resistance, therre are most likely good reasons.  Your child resists because reading is difficult and/or humiliating. Even silent reading reminds your child that something here peers seem to do easily is hard for her.  Resistance is avoidance behavior, self preservation.

If your child shuts down at the thought of reading, the chances of getting him to put in the extra effort required to get over the learning to read hurdle become even more remote. Meaning more frustration ahead.

If this is your situation, a reading stand off, then you need a different plan.  There’s more than a summer reading slide at stake. Your child is stuck and needs a change agent.

You need to consider our summer reading program, an online intervention that can remove the cognitive skill gaps that impede reading.

Tackling the Underlying Reading Skill Gaps

Our Fast ForWord reading program is a series of age-appropriate reading programs that works on spelling, vocabulary, decoding and reading comprehension.  It’s 30 minutes a day that can be broken down into 10-15 minute segments.  And it’s adaptive, meaning your child will work mainly on his unique skill gaps.

All you need this summer is an iPad or laptop and an Internet connection.  Our program managers monitor progress each and every day. We check in regularly and when we see a problem.  We have a move mountains mindset to help change your child’s learning trajectory.

If this is your child, call 877-914-9366 and ask one of our consultants about your options.
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