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We just came across a great list of websites to meet every possible reading need you might have for your K-12 child.  Book clubs to encourage reading, idea lists for all kinds of different ages and interests, blog book review sites for all ages, popular book series and audio book sites.

Many children, including many Gemm graduates, are one good book away from being turned around on reading.  We send our clients a book list at the end of their time with us for this very reason.  If a child is able to sit down and laugh out loud or become engrossed in just one book it can change their whole perspective on reading.

Finding that first great book is the holy grail for launching a lifetime of reading.  Even after a reading program like offered at Gemm, students still need to find that desire to read.  Here is a link to the list:  100 Fantastic Book Sites

Eventually, your teenagers needs to be able to read with metacognition, i.e., to be self-critical.   The only way to develop the high level thinking skills required for reading comprehension with metacognition is to put in the reading miles, and to that end, the sooner your child starts the better. 

Gemm’s program is all about taking the pain out of reading so this journey can begin.  This book list is another great step.