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Resilience in Dyslexic Students: A Great Trait, But No Way to Live

Is Dyslexia Really a Gift?
For dyslexic students, the tasks that most of us take for granted are a daily struggle. Activities as simple as reading and listening can be excruciating. For example, while non-dyslexic students can easily read the instructions at the head of a test and dive right into their assessment, dyslexics must work hard to fight their own brain’s interpretation of that text s…


Science Daily Article on Fast ForWord For Dyslexia

Did you see the Science Daily article of a study that reviews the impact of Fast ForWord Language on dyslexia in children.  It takes fMRI’s of the brain of dyslexic children before and after a Fast ForWord course.  The study confirmed the early findings of Dr. Paula Tallal, Scientific Learning founder; dyslexic children brains did not react to fast changing sounds. This inability to hear these …