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How Planned Intervention for ELL and Dyslexia Students Works

Fast ForWord is mainly used as a remedial reading program in English speaking countries, helping people with reading and learning issues such as dyslexia. In countries where English is not spoken, Fast ForWord is used as an English language learners (ELL) program to train the brain in the sounds of English. In some cases, though, it serves both functions.

In a recent case from Brazil, it helpe…


Adopted Russian Child Gets “Clicking!”

One of the best uses of our program, Fast ForWord, is reinforcing or teaching the sounds of English.  In fact, in Asia, this is how Fast ForWord is used, to help English language learners. 

This child was born in Russia, and so heard Russian, not English in the first three years of life, when language and learning skills are developed.  Not surprisingly he has had auditory processing difficu…