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“Friends of Gemm” Customer Referral Program

February 4, 2016 by Jay Chalnick
Friends of Gemm

“Friends of Gemm” Referral Program

There are few things more satisfying than seeing your child return home from school happy. This is especially true if he or she had previously been struggling with a learning difficulty for many months (or years).

Gemm families know first-hand how “life-changing” our programs can be. From improved reading and reading comprehension to increased confidence and self-esteem, Gemm students are often self-aware of their personal growth.

All of a sudden, they find themselves voluntarily raising a hand to participate in a reading exercise, find it easier to concentrate in class, or simply complete their homework without requiring help from their parents. Of course, it’s the parents (and teachers) who may notice more subtle gains–the child no longer resists reading, but wants to read aloud; arguments about homework become a thing of the past; parent/teacher correspondence becomes about improvements rather than deficiencies. It’s no wonder that, when asked at the end of their child’s enrollment period if they would like to be a reference for future Gemm families, 96% of clients say yes. In fact, this statistic has been a good indicator of our own success.

With that said, Gemm Learning is pleased to announce the launch of its new customer referral program called “Friends of Gemm.” We established this program for two reasons: 1) to thank families who are kind enough to recommend Gemm Learning to others who might benefit from one of our programs, and 2) to encourage new families to try out one of our researched-validated learning programs.

The terms of the “Friends of Gemm” program are quite simple: refer another family to Gemm Learning and when they enroll, both families will receive a $100. While we would prefer to fly around the U.S. and Canada giving each family a huge hug every time they recommend Gemm to another family, we’re a small team. Hopefully $100 will suffice.*

*Families of students who are currently enrolled can opt for their enrollment end date to be extended two weeks in lieu of the $100.

There are no caps or limits, so you are free to refer as many families as you wish. In order to track referrals efficiently, we’ve created a web page specifically for this program. Please click here to visit the page now or bookmark it for future use.

On behalf of the entire team at Gemm Learning, thank you for helping us help so many families!  If you wish to share your family’s success story with Gemm, we invite you to submit a testimonial or post a review on Yelp, Facebook or Google.