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Many learning and reading difficulties are caused by the same set of delays in processing MAPS – working Memory, Attention, Processing, Sequencing – that Gemm Learning can resolve or improve. Scroll down to see if your child is a candidate for our programs.

Reading Delays

Elementary Reading. Difficulty sounding out words, a reluctance to read, or lacking in comprehension?  –  elementary reading programs

Middle & High School Reading.  Slow reading, lack of reading comprehension or not interest in reading?  – middle school and high school reading programs

Adult Reading.   Slow reading, constantly re-reading pages, lacking comprehension, no test taking stamina?  – adult reading programs

Learning Difficulties

Auditory Processing Difficulties.  Symptoms include difficulty listening with background noise, lack of focus, homework frustration, less than expected grades, reading difficulties. Auditory processing disorder treatment

Dyslexia.  Our brain training software treats the processing delays that are responsible for most cases of dyslexia. Dyslexia treatment

Attention Deficits.  Exhausting school days, lacking stamina in reading or homework?  Help for ADHD

Language Difficulties or Delays.  Speech delays in early life, difficulty with rhyming, cannot follow multi-step instructions?  – for speech and language

Social-Emotional.  Struggle socially, lacks self-confidence, emotionally immature? – for social-emotional development

Executive Function.  Disorganized, cannot plan ahead?  – for executive function

Working Memory Delays.  Takes too long with homework, inattentive, reading comprehension not developing? – improving working memory

Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We help the processing delays at the heart of the autism diagnosis.  Autism program

Other Learning

Homeschooling.  Slow reading growth, learning inefficiency?  – for homeschoolers

Math Difficulty.  For many children, difficulty with math is the first real sign of a learning issue.  Math is abstract and it requires accurate listening comprehension starting out.  Our math programs combine exercises that build the cognitive skills needed for math along with comprehensive curriculum and math fact exercises to help your child catch up and then get ahead. Our math programs

ACT and SAT Test Prep.  Gains in cognitive, language and reading skills feed directly into better test scores. More on high stakes test prep

Gemm Learning uses Fast ForWord software at home to build essential language processing and pre-reading skills, and then reading comprehension.

is this your child


“When I received a totally different report card and heard the teachers telling us how well she is doing in class, I kept thinking: Are they talking about my kid?  She seems so happy and more secure in school.”

Karen P.

Parent of 2nd grader