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Fast ForWord For Adults

What is Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is a brain-training program for all ages. Fast ForWord for adults tends to be an accelerated version of what high school students go through.

The exercises are intensive, adding speed and complexity at your own pace. The brain is plastic, meaning it can improve function at any age. Fast ForWord taps into this opportunity.

How Fast ForWord Works

Fast ForWord is a series of programs, each with different learning and reading exercises that have two key goals:

  • Rewiring and building processing and related cognitive skills to make reading easier and more fluent
  • Reading comprehension skills, including critical thinking

These images show a normal progression through the program. The charts below have details on the exercises and learning goals of each program.

fast forword program for adults

Fast ForWord Cognitive Programs

Fast ForWord for adults starts with Elements I. This cognitive skill training program creates an intensive exercise environment, required to build the skills needed for reading, specifically:

  • Sequential processing and working memory skills
  • Knowledge of language structures
  • Selective attention skills

These cognitive skills are developed to the minimum level required for reading in Elements I and II Literacy — most adults find Fast ForWord Elements challenging — and then pushed to their biological limits in Foundations II.

Fast ForWord Reading Series

Fast ForWord Reading Level 2
Fast ForWord Reading 2 is the first in the Fast ForWord reading series for most adults. It works on reading fluency skills — grammar, vocabulary, spelling — and reading comprehension.

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3
Fast ForWord Reading 3 builds on Reading 3 to build reading comprehension by breaking that skill down to its various parts, namely spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation rules, as well as decoding, critical thinking and analytical skills needed for reading comprehension.

Fast ForWord Reading Comprehension
Fast ForWord Reading Comprehension takes reading skills to high-school level, by targeting all aspects of language and reading. There are exercises that focus on the nuances of language and vocabulary, as well as exercises that build analytical reading comprehension skills.

Fast ForWord for adults-typically takes 4-6 months to complete, using a 30-minute a day protocol, 3-5 days a week.

Fast ForWord Research Using Adult Students

A newly published study reported by Science Daily shows that Fast ForWord for adults was able to improve attention and cognitive skills not only immediately after the 8 week protocol, but also 18 months later when measured.

These results confirm the scientists’ belief that cognitive skills are related to temporal processing, or the way the brain keeps time and processes auditory information.  Click here to read ScienceDaily’s report on the study.