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language-based learning disabilities in adults

Language-Based Learning Disabilities for Adults

Different issues, same source

Many seemingly different daily struggles for adults stem from a single source, unresolved language-based processing inefficiency.  Those inefficiencies can be addressed at any age. 

The most recognized issues of course are around listening and reading, but the impact of language goes far deeper than that.  We think using language and so if language processing is inefficient, thinking is inefficient.

Learning skills develop sequentially. And the toughest step in the sequence is the first step, processing at natural language speed.  If you are carrying a learning disability as an adult, chances are it relates to not developing 100% efficient language processing as a child.  This is a skill that now can be exercised and improved.

Here are the kinds of difficulties reported by clients who come to us for help.

Reading Issues Explained

Reading is a language skill. Text is spoken language in a visual format.  Common reading difficulties for adults include:

  • Need to reread to understand what is being read
  • Read slowly
  • Tire easily when reading
  • Struggle to read with background noises
  • Spelling problems
  • Do not read for pleasure

What’s Going On:

All of these different frustrations related to reading come down to a lack of efficiency in processing language, which means you need to concentrate when you read, connect the text page to recognizable words. The need to concentrate adds effort to the reading task, leading to the issues outlined above.

Good readers learn to process language automatically, and so reading is effortless. This makes reading so much easier.

Issues At Work Explained

Inefficient language processing also impacts other aspects of life for adults, most notably employment.

Here are some of the issues we hear about from clients who come to us for help:

  • Following  and retaining verbal instructions can be difficult
  • Background noise makes listening challenging
  • Learning issues undermine confidence and anxiety at work
  • Exams or certification tests can be a challenge – due to difficulty studying, and slow reading which makes it hard to finish a test
  • It’s harder to be a critical thinker
  • Many jobs have a lot of reading, especially as you progress

Beyond these specific trouble spots at work, there is the general feeling that everything is a bit harder and takes a bit more effort.

What’s Going On:

All of these issues at their source are related to a lack of comfort with language, which in turn comes down to language processing.  If you cannot process at natural language speed, which is lightning fast, listening is at best effortful and at worst difficult to the point where things are misheard or missed.

How We Help

Language-based learning disabilities for adults can treated to reduce and sometimes remove symptoms of difficulty.

Gemm Learning provides unique learning programs for adults to work on long-held processing inefficiencies for adults at any age.  Our clients report improved listening skills in noisy situations, much better reading speed and stamina, and stronger performance on exams.