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What To Expect From Gemm

Our Service For Adults

Gemm Learning makes it possible for adults to work at home on powerful software interventions to address reading and auditory processing delays, by providing comprehensive professional support.

Program manager​s monitor progress every day with details on every click, every success, every road block.  We call regularly and when needed. We are with you every step of the way.

To achieve the best possible outcomes we:

  1. Start by understanding your history, your needs and your goals – using calls, tests, a self-assessment survey and a few days on our program
  2. We create an individualized plan
  3. Then we monitor daily, touch base regularly and intervene as needed
  4. Other reading programs might be recommended

All adult students start with Fast ForWord software to address the longtime cognitive skill gaps that have held them back.  Some might then progress to Reading Plus to further improve reading speed.

fast forword program for adults

Service features include:

red_check-mark2 - 25x25  Constant guidance of Gemm professionals

red_check-mark2 - 25x25  Protocols start at 30 minutes/day, at least 4 days a week

red_check-mark2 - 25x25 Full refund in first 14 days of service

Fee Schedule and Payment Options

Most students spend at least three months with us. You can go month to month or take advantage of our three month prepaid specials. We also have financing options where clients can pay over 12 months. We have a program choice to meet your needs.