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What To Expect From Gemm

Our Service For Adults

Gemm Learning makes it possible for adults to work at home on powerful programs for reading and auditory processing, by providing comprehensive professional support. Here is a brief video:

Service features include:

red_check-mark2 - 25x25  Constant guidance of Gemm professionals

red_check-mark2 - 25x25  Protocols start at 30 minutes/day, 3 days a week

red_check-mark2 - 25x25 A guarantee that you will see results, or we provide a second Gemm Program for 3 months – free of charge

Because our programs work at a fundamental level, we help reading speed and comprehension
Adult dyslexia reading program

Fee Schedule and Payment Options

Most students spend at least three months with us. You can go month to month or take advantage of our three month prepaid specials. We also have financing options where clients can pay over 12 months. We have a program choice to meet your needs.
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