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Adult Test-Taking Skills

How we can improve your exam results

adult taking test helpFor many adults, the path to a new career is blocked by difficulty passing an exam or certification. Studying is one thing, but performing on test day is quite another.

Passing the exam requires test-taking skills that many adults struggle with, such as fast and accurate reading, multiple choice questions and efficiency in getting through the test.

No amount of studying can overcome these kinds of test-taking issues. The best way to improve your results is to work on the test taking skills themselves. They can be improved with brain training at any age.

These fundamental test-taking skills as an adult are actually learning and reading skills. Our brain training software, Fast ForWord, was designed to help children become fluent readers and thinkers, but it uses neuroscience principles that apply to brains of all ages. This means it can help and has helped adult test-taking skills also.

How We Help Adult Test-Taking Skills

This is a 3-4 month program in most cases, 30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. You work on the software on your home computer, with oversight from a remote professional who monitors your progress and checks in regularly. The program is sequential, starting with cognitive skills and then moving to adult reading programs. The test skills we target include:

  • Reading speed. Successful test-taking requires fast and accurate reading, and so this is a primary goal of our program.
  • Test-taking efficiency. It is important to have enough time to properly answer every question. This requires being able to process quickly, not having to re-read questions or answers for multiple choice questions. Our program builds processing speed and working memory efficiency.
  • Attention stamina. Many test scores are spoiled by careless errors from an inability to keep focused. Our program has exercises that build the crucial test-taking skill.

Your Next Step

Our program makes real changes. Adult test taking skills can be improved. You may be surprised by what is possible when your underlying talents and skills are unlocked to help you make the most of your natural smarts. To find out if we can help, call for a free consult or contact us here.