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Testimonials From Teenagers & Adults

A good portion of Gemm students are adults, ranging from college age through to adults in their 60’s. Here are some their testimonials and adult success stories.

48 year old fire fighter gets his career back on track – read here.

75 year old finally addresses dyslexia – read here.

“Doing this program has changed my life, I am no longer the little lost girl at the back of the classroom. I don’t know what’s next for me, but I think I might enroll in college classes.  I have never entertained that thought before.” K, 56 years old

“I was skeptical but my husband persuaded me to give your Fast ForWord program a try. I am so happy I did. My reading is easier — better focus, less re-reading. Sometimes, I’m reading a book or article and get stuck… My focus wanders or maybe I come to a concept that I don’t understand. To my surprise, one of the Gemm exercises comes back to me… almost like an inner reading tutor… not the whole exercise, just a sound or one round of an exercise. Next moment I’m back on track and the problem is resolved!”
Jen, 40 years old

“I am not sure exactly how/which of the learning games and therapy techniques are helping but I have NEVER performed this well on LSAT reading comprehension. For the first time, I feel like I will make a decent score on the LSAT this September!” Jonathan, 33 year old

“I am more organized, less distractible…. It’s easier now.  Thank you for everything. You people are wonderful.”

“My college age son has seen such gains from this program. He says he finds reading more comfortable and less exhausting. He has a heavy workload this semester and says this has made a huge difference to his college experience. He texted me from a plane on his way back to college yesterday. He said he was too busy reading to talk!”

“I am the mother of an adult learner (21yo).  I have noticed not only improvement in her grades, also in her overall behavior and interactions… Her grades started slipping, she was spending an enormous amount of time studying and not performing well in the test situations… This program has helped her be much more organized. She is noticing improvement in following the lectures (example: one of her favorite professors has a heavy accent, she could not understand half of his lectures in the past, now she is even getting his little jokes ).

In family relations – she used to be very short fused, would snap back without being provoked, now she seems to be much more calm, and reasonable, real pleasure to have around once again. We used blame it on “hormones” like everyone else, we were wrong. Overall I have been recommending this program to many of my friends and patients. I am so glad we did this for our daughter! My husband is an IT engineer, not really understanding the concepts of brain plasticity, was very skeptical about it – now he is reading more about this and is a converted man! THANK YOU.”
D.S., Mother of 21 year old

“I have noticed such huge improvements in my memory of names, dates, words and more; in my processing skills, such as thinking through a single idea and no longer drifting through previously ineffable ideas or thinking tangentially; and in verbal direction following, reading ease, sustained concentration, etc… I know I will continue to improve as I pick up many skills I might otherwise have learned a long time ago.”

“I am noticing a better memory, such as: Previously I would be at a loss for words whereas now, I find words coming. It’s not always, but quite noticeable! As you can see my English grammar needs some help! I also notice that when I speak I can hear myself better. The article stated that even for adults Fast Forward (sic) software slows the world down, making it more manageable. It brought tears to my eyes. I look forward everyday to my brain exercises! Thank you!”

“This has been a great journey. Reading I do for work, and every day reading — like the newspaper — coming more easily. Also, Level 5 exercises really show me the struggles I’ve had… very hard to remember facts and figures, names, and other details.”

“I have always struggled with reading all my life. When I see a sentence, it displays itself to me in short pieces which sometimes move backwards instead of forwards! I could never see an entire line of words. It’s been very frustrating and speed reading courses were of no help. In college I resigned myself to being a major in chemistry because my math skills were strong and you did not read a lot in chemistry/science classes…. At the age of 58, with an advanced degree in organic chemistry, I can, for the very first time, read entire sentences and lines on a page. This has changed my reading speed as well as my comprehension. The difference is absolutely amazing. Now I will always wonder how my life would be different today if I could have solved my reading problem in third or fourth grade instead of at age 58.”
Gail, 58 years old

“I find I can sit down and read for much longer periods than before doing Fast ForWord for adults. Plus I don’t need to re-read pages. I used to read a page and then realize I did not take in a word. That does not happen anymore. I flew through books this summer, where before I struggled to get through one. Reading for pleasure is a marvelous new aspect to my life. Thank you.”
Lynn, 52 year old

Out Of The Dark

Annemarie, 28, has struggled with reading her entire life. Her self confidence and overall school performance caused her to give up on her dreams of college. Since leaving high school she has worked in retail without expecting to advance.

Before Gemm, Annemarie was having difficulties at work. She needed to listen to voice mail messages several times to hear the phone messages to understand the person’s name. Her spelling was atrocious and her co-workers could not read or understand the messages.

Three weeks into her program with Gemm Learning Annemarie reported that she was no longer having trouble writing phone messages. In addition, she was better able to recognize her spelling errors. Annemarie told us, “I feel like I am finally out of the dark.” She now feels when she has her own children she will be able to help them learn to read.

Annemarie is now an avid reader. She has more confidence and is thinking about college. She hopes to work as a teacher or as an advocate for children with special needs.
Annemarie, 28 years old