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Autism & Processing Delays

New research explains which processing exercises help autism

brain-startsA recent study published in Science Daily details how the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia used brain imaging to detect slight processing delays as a way of diagnosing autism. The study’s starting point is that processing delays are the most common of all autism symptoms.

This may explain why Fast ForWord software for autism interventions has had so much success in recent years.

It is an autism treatment that directly targets processing speed. Delays in processing speed is a trait so common in autistic children that it is now being viewed as a bio-marker. The Fast ForWord program has been involved in autism for years now due largely to the work of its co-founder, Dr. Michael Merzenich.
Dr. Merzenich and autism research 

Science Daily Study
One key finding in the study was that when researchers compared 25 children with ASDs to 17 age-matched typically developing children they found an average delay in processing sound of 11 milliseconds (about 1/100 of a second) in the ASD children, regardless of whether the ASD children had language impairments. This indicates a common delay not related to outward symptoms.
Here is a link to the Science Daily article.

Fast ForWord Software For Processing

Fast ForWord was founded on the idea that processing difficulties are the underlying cause of reading and language issues. Its success in helping a number of children on the autistic spectrum is a new and exciting development.

Fast ForWord has also been effective in helping the social and other symptoms associated with Asperger syndrome. Learn more about our Asperger treatment here.