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Overcoming Auditory Processing Disorder

Success Stories From Gemm Parents

These auditory processing success stories are taken directly from Gemm Learning client emails.  Our auditory processing treatment targets the underlying difficulties directly.

More Gains in Two Months of Gemm…

auditory processing success stories“We are amazed at the difference in (her) and are so thankful for stumbling upon the Gemm website in our search for help for (her). Today is Saturday and (she) is begging to do the program today. We told her she could do the demos and her response, “No fair, I want to do my work!” This is coming from the child who would fight us on everything, always. She is gaining so much, more in 2 months than 5 years in special education classes.”

“(She) was diagnosed with auditory processing delays and has been doing Fast ForWord for about two months now. We have seen a big difference in areas of memory, fluency in language, and confidence. She started the 6th grade this past week and she was confident enough to go to school; no fighting, no crying, no worries.”
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A Dream Come True

“First, we noticed that he was participating in family conversations when he used to tune out because it was too hard to follow and he was picking up on subtleties in a way he never did before. But now, after doing your Summer Intensive (for two months), he has made stronger gains than he made in three years of (special ed classes). I am not saying that the special ed class was inferior, it was just not equipped to address an auditory processing disorder and Fast ForWord has done this. Thank you again for being accessible whenever we have questions. This is a dream come true for us.” (5th grader)

No Longer Needs His FM Unit

“He tells his resource room teacher, “I’m better. I got it. I don’t need you.” He has refused to use the FM unit any longer claiming he doesn’t need that… the teacher has indicated that he IS listening/following pretty well and so he is no longer using it.”
Language processing disorders

Easier to Follow Directions & More Expressive

Preschool Children Series“It is just amazing how much easier he seems to find following directions now. His vocabulary has grown in leaps and bounds in 1st grade and we are seeing much less resistance to reading. This program has helped our son turn the corner and I am far less worried about his future than I was before coming in.”

“This has exploded since starting your program. His world has opened and he is curious what it all means. Verbally expressing way more, fluently in many cases, and because he can process what we say he is initiating conversations left and right!”
How auditory processing causes reading problems

Her First Excellent Report Card

“She was one of those kids with all the classic symptoms of auditory processing problems. We just wanted to let you know that her first period report card was excellent for the first time ever! She received 4 A’s and 2 B’s. This is a first for her. She is so proud of herself. We had the first good parent/teacher conference ever as well. All of her teachers are very pleased with her progress and believe that she is finally on the path to success! We continue to be thankful for stumbling upon Gemm. I have attached her report card so you can also see the wonderful comments her teachers have made. Thank you.”

Gemm Was ‘Divine Intervention’

“Blaise went to a good school but his auditory processing disorder was impacting his ability to follow the teacher in class, getting his assignments and holding back his reading. He was falling further and further behind and now it was affecting his confidence. His mother could see a downward spiral starting. Then his school sent home a flyer about Gemm Learning and the possibilities of brain change. After a few months over the summer the results were amazing.

“It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He’s a different kid, brimming with confidence and reading much better” she told us before school had started. Then on his first day back she called again. He had read out loud to his class and reading teacher. He got a standing ovation. The teachers and his peers were amazed at the difference.
Auditory processing and dyslexia

(A year later) “I wanted to let you know Blaise made first honors. He had a 95.6 average. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am to you and everyone at GEMM LEARNING. I remember the first day I walked into your office crying my eyes out hoping and praying for a miracle. Blaise is diligent and hard working and your program was the perfect fit. THANK YOU!!!!!!”
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Homework Stress Has Gone

250-150-boy-reading2“Everything has come together wonderfully for our daughter this year at school. The teachers want her to take advanced classes in English which is just amazing. She is so much more engaged. Homework stress seems to be a thing of the past. We couldn’t be happier & we wish we found your program earlier! A lot of worrying & stress over homework could have been avoided!”

Has Friends on Playground Now

“First, we saw gains in reading after about three months. Since then though we have seen all over the place — he likes school again, he is less exhausted after school, he loves reading now, and he is much more willing to try new things. But perhaps the best change has been in his social skills. He used to tell me he walks around the playground alone at recess, but now he tells me about all the games he and his friends make up each day! This program has been so good for him!”

Oral Language and Reading Gains for a Child with ASD

“He has experienced dramatic gains in his oral language abilities….simply amazing results, with language scores increasing from what we consider to be low average for him (31st percentile two years ago) to now high average levels (86th percentile of peers his own age). We actually knew that his language skills were immediately improving during the Fast Forword program, but improvements were confirmed during more formal testing conducted privately (almost five months ago now).

Also, where there was no progress made in his reading a year ago before the program, our son has progressed significantly during this past school year. He has improved his reading level by a little more than one whole grade, and he is currently reading on grade level. Story recall and understanding directions were also significantly impacted.

We see the results of the program and we can show that it has contributed significantly to his overall success. We cannot say enough about Gemm Learning and the Fast Forword program but we can say from experience that it has been a life-changing experience for our child and we will be forever grateful.”