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Dyslexia Success Stories

These dyslexia success stories are taken directly from parent emails.

Here’s an update from a parent who came to us a year ago. Her son was anxious, reading resistant and unhappy with school.

“He is doing really well now. Loves Middle School! Doing great in his school work & his attitude has been good. We are pleased but watching him closely. He is reading a lot independently, definitely reading above grade level now. It is hard to believe he was diagnosed with dyslexia two years ago.”
Programs by age

dyslexia success storiesThis 6th grader ran into reading difficulties in 4th and 5th grade and was starting to give up on himself. Our dyslexia training regimen started to help after only a few weeks.

“I am seeing changes already (6 weeks in). I was in tears just like the parent I saw in your video about the kids with dyslexia. We have been looking for a dyslexia program for a long time and are so relieved. When we used to send him upstairs to read it was a struggle. Now he goes up and reads on his own. He is also focusing better, his attitude is better and his confidence is growing. It’s exciting.”

This 2nd grader made almost no progress in the year prior to Gemm Learning. 

“Our son had a reading assessment done at the end of last school year before starting Fast ForWord at Gemm. I had his reading teacher do another assessment at the end of September. He has come up ONE GRADE LEVEL in reading!!!!!!! The fact that he did this over the summer and that prior to this we were worried about dyslexia is clearly an indication that Gemm Learning was the reason for his success!!!”

This 28 year old tried several dyslexia programs for children and adults before she found Gemm Learning.

“Within three weeks I noticed my listening was better. I was no longer having trouble writing phone messages. Then I started to notice my spelling errors. I am finally out of the dark, I can read newspapers and even books now. I always used to worry about reading to my own children. Now I know I will be able to do that. It’s a great feeling.”

This mother was looking for a dyslexia support for children that could be done from their holiday home over the summer. Gemm Learning’s at-home service fit the bill.

“It’s like the invasion of the body snatchers. He’s a different kid, brimming with confidence and reading much more comfortably. On his first day back at school he read out loud to his class and reading teacher and got a standing ovation. The teachers and his peers were amazed at the difference.”

Some of the most heart-warming dyslexia success stories come from adults who have fought to overcome their reading difficulties for many years. This 18 year old is one such story.

“Good news is that after many years Maya picked up and read a whole book. She read Black Beauty. Even if it’s a children’s classical, it was great to see her take the initiative and time to read at her own will. She has picked up a second book, The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, a book for middle schoolers.”

success story for dyslexiaThis child was not formally diagnosed with dyslexia, but had all the telltale symptoms, including an aversion to reading.

“We are going to take the day off from Fast ForWord Reading 3 today to celebrate her birthday. She is 11 years old today. She wanted to go to the bookstore Wednesday – she bought 5 books with her own money. This is not something she would have done three months ago. It would have been to overwhelming to have five books staring at her to read. What a wonderful birthday present Fast ForWord has been for her!”

A 28 Year Old Dyslexic Comes “Out Of The Dark”
Annemarie, 28, struggled with reading her entire life. Her self confidence and overall school performance caused her to give up on her dreams of college. Upon leaving high school she worked in retail without expecting to advance.

Before Gemm, Annemarie was having difficulties at work. She needed to listen to voice mail messages several times to hear the phone message and understand the person’s name. Her spelling was atrocious and her co-workers could not read or understand the messages.

Three weeks into her program with Gemm Learning Annemarie reported that she was no longer having trouble writing phone messages. In addition, she was better able to recognize her spelling errors. Annemarie told us, “I feel like I am finally out of the dark.” She now feels when she has her own children she will be able to help them learn to read.

Annemarie is now an avid reader. She has more confidence and is thinking about college. She hopes to work as a teacher or as an advocate for children with special needs.
Adult dyslexia program

Overcoming Dyslexia and CAPD

Blaise went to a good school but he was falling further and further behind and now it was affecting his confidence. His mother could see a downward spiral starting. Then his school sent home a flyer about Gemm Learning and the possibilities of brain change. After a few months over the summer the results were amazing.

“I wanted to let you know Blaise made first honors. He had a 95.6 average. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am to you and everyone at GEMM LEARNING. I remember the first day I walked into your office crying my eyes out hoping and praying for a miracle. Blaise is diligent and hard working and your Fast Forward program was the perfect fit. THANK YOU!!!!!!”



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