Gemm For Homeschool

An intensive reading intervention, managed remotely

Homeschool can be wonderful experience for both parent and child. And yes, if your child is a struggling reader or learner, the less distracting environment at home and the added attention can do wonders.

However sometimes following a homeschool reading curriculum designed for on-track readers and/or doing a lot of reading is not enough.

If there is a cognitive impediment to reading, no amount of practice will work. An intervention is needed.  To break a negative reading cycle once and for all your child first needs to develop the phonological and cognitive skills that make reading easier, more automatic.

If you want to add such an intervention into your home routine, Gemm Learning might be your answer. We focus first on the underlying cognitive delays that cause of reading difficulty and then build reading skills one by one.   

An Intervention For Homeschool

There are three aspects of our service that work well for homeschool families:

  • Our live coaching and support is constant and intensive
  • The software is adaptive, children don’t get stuck
  • We create and continually update individualized plans

Our program managers monitor activity every day, check in on a regular cycle or as needed and provide remote coaching. We send weekly reports, completion certificates and background information on the science behind our programs.

Our programs are used in Special Education departments and clinician offices, we wrapped around a service methodology around them so that they can be done at home. And so it’s like sending your child out for services, except you can manage it yourself, at home, as part of your normal daily routine.

How Gemm Learning Helps

Early Reading and Phonics

Rather than using a phonics program or spending hours with flash cards — all intended to work around an underlying cognitive weakness — our program works on phonological and language processing.  It helps students process more quickly and more accurately, making them more phonics aware, reading-enabled.

Our goal is to provide a reading makeover that will prepare your child for learning phonics and reading. Without this fundamental cognitive improvement, reading will always be a challenge.

Reading Comprehension

Most reading comprehension difficulties are caused by inefficient decoding (reading). The reader is concentrating so hard on reading the text, there is little available mind-space for extracting meaning (comprehension). Gemm Learning has a two-step program:

  1. Make decoding automatic. If a student is able to decode effortlessly, subconsciously, like riding a bike, his or her brain is able to fully focus on comprehension. Our program removes the cognitive impediments to reading automaticity.
  2. Reading comprehension. Once our program has improved reading fluency our homeschool reading programs focus on reading comprehension and accuracy — undoing prior bad reading habits, instruction on language structure, vocabulary and syntax, and practice in reading comprehension, both literal and inferential.

We vary our homeschool supplemental reading programs by age and according to the needs of each child.

Understanding If Your Homeschool Child Might Need Help

Separating a perfectly normal slow start to reading  from a more serious reading difficulty that will not likely resolve itself is not easy.  See if any of the reading problems here fit your child.

Or take our free online reading assessment that can give you a good idea of where your child stands. It takes about 30 minutes. 


“My daughter has been at the program for almost five months. I have seen a big improvement in all aspects of learning. Most of all her reading and understanding has been awesome. This program has been such a blessing for us that I have recommended it to a few people. My daughter has had a great time with all the games and the rewards. So, a big THANK YOU!!!!! You have given “hope” to my child.”

Jen L.

Parent of 1st grader