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Homeschool Autism Help

Clinical programs now available at home

  • Are you looking to add homeschool autism help that builds cognitive skills but you are concerned you are not qualified to manage it at home?
  • Have you heard about Fast ForWord, but it’s too far away or you cannot fit it into your schedule?

homeschool help for autismGemm Learning is an affordable homeschool program for autistic children that trains cognitive and reading skills, in self-paced exercises that you can manage at home without formal training.

Fast ForWord is part of a new wave of cognitive programs that are experiencing success by tapping into brain plasticity, the brain’s ability to change and self-organize if exercised appropriately. Fast ForWord has been particularly successful because it strengthens the processing weaknesses associated with autism.

How Our Service Works

Until recently, autism programs like Fast ForWord were only available in clinicians’ offices. In the last five years however, Gemm Learning has been offering its “virtual learning center” approach.

No Parent Training Required

Our autism homeschooling program is online. As a parent, your role is to be a cheerleader — create a schedule for your child and encourage participation. Gemm Learning does everything else.

Students Work At Their Own Pace

Fast ForWord is a wonderful homeschool program for autistic children because the software is adaptive. It responds to every click — correct answers will lead to slightly faster or more complex tasks, while three consecutive wrong answers will slow the program down. This means you need not worry about your child experiencing frustration from the material being too difficult.

Comprehensive Support

Our comprehensive service includes a virtual rewards site called Gemm City (at, weekly progress reports, an online parents resource called My Gemm (at and the constant support of a dedicated Gemm professional. A virtual center in your home.
Our service and support

Fast ForWord for Autism

We have had great success using Fast ForWord for autism:

  • It is very different to traditional autism homeschool programs
  • It is effective, because it targets auditory processing delays, a pervasive source of difficulties for autistic children
  • It is adaptive, meaning students work at their own pace and so are encouraged to stay engaged and will not run into material that is beyond them

Fast ForWord’s ability to exercise at the margin of cognitive function is creating powerful new potential for the autism population. And now Gemm Learning is bringing this powerful program into your home with its “whole family” service approach.

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