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Learning Difficulties

Help For Homework Stress, Disappointing Grades & Other Symptoms of Learning Inefficiency

To make a lasting change, you must first isolate the source of difficulty and then get learning help that targets that issue. Any other approach, tutoring for instance, is a band aid at best.

Auditory Processing

The most likely source of difficulty is an auditory processing delay — if your child is unable to process language comfortably reading will not develop as expected and listening in class (and at home) will be difficult. See if any of these symptoms of auditory processing difficulties resonate for you.

Lack of Focus

learning difficulties in kidsIn younger children it is sometimes hard to separate 6-year-old-itis from more serious attention issues. Check out these symptoms of inattentive ADD. If your child is inattentive mainly while reading check out these reading difficulties to see if any resonate.

Failing any of the above, the most likely cause of difficulty is a general delay in cognitive skill development — some children just need more time to develop these skills.  Delayed cognitive skills mean learning and reading will not be efficient.

This can be changed — cognitive skill growth can be accelerated. This is how our learning help works. Here are some of the other difficulties we address.

Executive Function

Executive function is an organization and planning skill. Our learning help creates the cognitive efficiencies needed for executive function skills to develop normally.
How we help executive function

Working Memory

Working memory is associated with listening and reading comprehension, reasoning and intelligence, and attention stamina. Our adaptive software builds auditory and visual working memory skills.
How we improve working memory

Homework Frustration & Test Taking

Many children take a long time (too long) over homework or resist homework altogether.  These same children are also very likely under-performing when taking tests.  Our learning help targets the listening, attention, working memory and reading skills needed to turn this around.
How to improve homework skills

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our neuroscience-based learning software works at a deep-seated, fundamental level and so can make a difference for a number of other less well-known learning disabilities, and the symptoms of traumatic brain injury and stroke.



Online reading test

 “This has been the best 9 weeks of Maleek’s academic life! He’s turning in assignments, he’s more confident on the basketball court and all his teachers are saying how they see maturity and growth they have never seen before. He had an A, four B’s and 2 C+’s on his most recent report card and is passing geometry for the first time ever!!!  This is the best academic report he has ever gotten.” 

Macia A.

Mother of 11th grader, multiple learning difficulties