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Help for Struggling Learners

Reduce Homework Stress, Improve Test Taking & Grades

boy-laptop-headset-300x180Academic achievement is the product of smarts and learning skills. While IQ is fixed, learning skills are not, representing an opportunity to help your child be a better student — better test taking, grades and homework efficiency.

Learning skills can be rewired because the brain is plastic — cognitive skills can be exercised to a higher level of performance. Our programs tap into this rewiring opportunity to help struggling learners, in fact children at all academic levels, realize their full potential as learners.

Do any of these describe your child?

  • Homework stress or inefficiency?
  • Disappointing grades?
  • Eroding confidence?

Our solution first strengthens processing, listening, language and attention skills that hold back most struggling learners. These are foundational skills that help more than just reading — they will help your child become an independent learner, a better student, with grades to match.

Better Homework Study Skills

Homework is stressful for struggling learners, because it requires all aspects of learning to function well. If reading is difficult, then reading the assignment is a challenge. If listening is muddied, your child is likely missing material in class, including homework instructions. And of course, a lack of focus can make homework torture.

Our Fast ForWord program helps struggling learners builds a healthy cognitive foundation and the reading skills required to reduce homework stress. Many clients report improved homework efficiency, improving the quality of life for child and parent!

Improve Test Taking and Grades

200-120-teenage-girl-taking-testIf your struggling learner appears to know the material, but routinely under-performs in tests, any of these issues could be at play:

  • Reading comprehension at speed may be suspect
  • Working memory impacting multiple choice skills
  • Careless errors from lack of attention stamina, and/or
  • Impulsivity, answering questions without checking all the options.

These skills can be exercised and improved by our cognitive software.  Many clients report improved grades, where test results match comfort with the material going into the test. The difference maker is the improved test taking skills.