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Making reading & comprehension automatic

The steps to reading are:

  1. Learn the sounds of language – by listening
  2. Reading fluency – connect what you hear to the letters you see, with automaticity
  3. Read with comprehension

For many children, the challenge is in the very first step.  For them, language processing is not accurate or automatic enough to clearly hear every sound in every word. For them, the language they hear does not always match up to the letters they see, their word memory is muddy, not accurate or reliable.

And so when reading they guess, improvise and/or avoid reading. At the very least, reading is a chore, at worst it’s a daily humiliation.

That’s where our online reading program can help.listen to language to help reading

Or software provides the extra auditory practice needed to make the sounds inside words clearer.  It uses quick-fire, adaptive exercises that speed up and strengthen language processing, day by day.

Once “word memory” is more accurate and reliable, mapping to the letters is easier, reading is more fluent, more automatic. 

And if reading is automatic…

Reading is easier, your child will be less reluctant to read. Furthermore, if reading is automatic, if the mind is not distracted by decoding, it can concentrate on the meaning of the words, on comprehension and thinking — making connections, inferences, thinking critically. This is reading comprehension with metacognition.

With comprehension comes interest and a reading habit. This is the path to being a good reader – reading practice, and a love of reading.

Signs of Reading Delays

Do any of these describe your child or teenager?

  • Avoids reading
  • Can’t read for long periods
  • Isn’t understanding what he is reading
  • Is a slow reader
  • Has been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD or a language-based learning disability

We help with these concerns.

An NIH study: 88% of struggling readers have weak phonemic awareness.

Steps To Reading Proficiency

Reading fluency first

We prepare the brain for reading using self-paced exercises that are the equivalent to hearing tens of thousands of words in just a few weeks. This intensive practice helps develop phonemic awareness and the other fundamental skills required for reading automaticity:

  • Cognitive — language processing, working memory, attention
  • Text — decoding, eye tracking, phonics
  • Language —  vocabulary, spelling, grammar, literal reading comprehension

Improvements in cognitive skills removes the muddiness from word memory, making reading more fluent, more automatic.

Then reading comprehension

Our goal is reading comprehension with metacognition, defined as understanding, thinking while reading, making connections, putting the text in context, self-correcting while reading. To broaden reading skills and to cover the common skill gaps, we have a series of reading programs with these strands:

  • Spelling – conventions, rules, exceptions
  • Grammar and language structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Sight word growth
  • Reading accuracy
  • Reading comprehension
  • Thinking while reading

Reading comprehension for elementary age children is the ability to connect to prior knowledge or personal experience while reading. Our ultimate goal is the 8th grade reading standard, reading comprehension exercises that align with most state standards.

See How Gemm Learning Works

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Every person is different, and so every outcome is different. We cannot claim to be 100% effective in every case.  We do offer a guarantee, but in learning nothing is certain.  More about our claims here.


adaptive reading exercise

2+ years average gain in 4-6 months.

“Just this week he has finished an over 200 page book (the second in a series) in two days. Before the program, he was reluctant to read short chapter books, and it took him a month or so to finish the first book in the same series.”

Jane P.

Parent of 3rd grader



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“His reading score went up almost two full grades over summer due to Gemm Learning! …his confidence when reading and his reading fluency is so much better that he will be out of special ed soon. He picked up a big chapter book to read! This is from a boy who before Gemm would not even look at a book.”

Kate C.

Parent of 5th grader


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