Summer Reading & Math Programs

Make a step forward this summer

You know there are underlying difficulties, but with homework, sports and all that goes on during the school year, there’s no time. 

Summer is a great time to focus on these difficulties, to invest time in changing your child’s future learning story. We can create a protocol designed to make a change, to help your child be a more comfortable reader and a more confident learner. 

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Our software is online, our service includes professional oversight, weekly reporting and online rewards.

The Summer Intensive

Our Summer Intensive can achieve in two months what takes 3-6 months during the school year. This multiple-program service provides a variety of exercises for up to 90 minutes a day (note, the protocol length can be adjusted week to week as schedules change over summer). The longer the protocol though, the faster the rewards. Consequently, many students prefer to keep a consistent 90 minute protocol.

We will develop an individualized curriculum that may include multiple learning, reading and/or math programs in one or two daily blocks, 4-5 days a week.

summer reading programs onlineOur summer math and reading program options include:

Additionally, we may include BrainWare Safari, a cognitive skills program that works on attention, organizational and memory skills. We also offer ACTIVATE software, a program designed to help students improve executive function.

During the school year, where schedules are tighter and many children are exhausted from a tough school day, we tend to run shorter sessions and tackle the above goals sequentially. Our summer reading programs provide a unique opportunity for an accelerated approach.  If a month or two more is needed, students can continue into a school year-friendly 30-minute protocol. Due to the unique needs of every student, we offer additional months at a discounted rate.